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wel, after haveing been gently prodded by someone i promise to try and actually write stuff here.  here i was thinking that this should be for posting happy things and when i didn’t have any happy things to post i didn’t post.  silly me.


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you can watch…

purple balloons for a log way, even when it’s cloudy out. watch them carry you thought, your heart, your spirt. watch them try and convey how much someone you never even met affected your life. you can watch them for a long time even thought your tears.

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Jen Weaver 1978-2006

Jen was a young woman of amazing courage, a fighting spirt and the ability to touch and inspire people she never met in real life.  Her body is gone, but her spirt will live on in the hearts and souls of people worldwide.

She and her family are in my heart and thoughts.

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applied for. somehow i thought they’d want a lot more information and a lot less money. instead it was little information and lots of money. why am i not surprised?

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yesterday i got handed my very own two way pager. it not only has a phone number but a “makes sense” email address of <bill.thater@my2way.com> instead of the usual <some phone number>@<long.service.name>.

my very own electronic leash.;-) which is strange since we don’t do on call, at least in the normal sense. i guess they just can’t stand not to be able to jerk my chain whenever they want.;-)

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