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yesterday i got handed my very own two way pager. it not only has a phone number but a “makes sense” email address of <bill.thater@my2way.com> instead of the usual <some phone number>@<long.service.name>.

my very own electronic leash.;-) which is strange since we don’t do on call, at least in the normal sense. i guess they just can’t stand not to be able to jerk my chain whenever they want.;-)


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starting over…

it appears that the blogcity blog has wandered off into cyberspace leaving me with nothing to show for it.  so, on the recommendations of several smart and cool people, i've started over here.  and imported entries from my blogger one as well.  and then deleted all the extra ones from that import.  so give me a few days to get used to all the ins and outs of wordpress.

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